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Welcome to the George Strake District
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George Strake District; Serving the communities of Bedias, Conroe, Deerwood, Grangerland, Huntsville, Montgomery and Willis.


The George Strake Cub Scout Day will be June 16 through June 20 this year. We will be again holding it at Kuester Lodge. Starting time is 8:15. On June 20 the session will be at night as we have had it in years past. Be sure to get you scouts revved up to come to camp. Our camp keeps getting better each year. The preferred method is to copy the the link below into your internet address line and register online. The cost of day camp this year is $50. Adults who are helping are not charged.

Adult Knots

Adult Recognition Awards

"The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law. " We all know this to be our mission, why we put in our "one hour per week". How best do we accomplish this goal? The BSA has been around 104 years and knows what works and does not. There is a simple formula: Training = quality program = youth retention. Simply, the Scouts stay if the program keeps their interest. Trained leaders provide the best program. Retain good, trained leaders and there will be more Scouts at your meetings.

A tool for retention of quality leaders is recognition. Says the BSA on the subject- "Quality unit leadership is the key to a quality unit program—and it leads to better Scout retention. Statistics show that if young people stay engaged in the program for at least five years, the BSA’s influence likely will stay with them for the rest of their lives. A quality Scouting experience will help keep Scouts in the program, and the Boy Scouts of America created the Unit Leader Awards to recognize the quality Unit Leaders who make that happen."

There are many ways a Leader is recognized. A handshake, a thank you, a coffee cup with "Summer Camp Leader" on it, a simple plaque at a Blue and Gold all work. The BSA also has something more sophisticated, its "Knot" program.

"Knots" are not a "look at me" type of thing. They are a sign that is read along one's Scouting journey about who cares enough to go the extra mile to obtain that training that produces the quality program for our Scouts. They also can tell that the wearer of a "Knot" actually produces that special program.

You may say "Rubbish, who cares?". There was a time I agreed with you, but over the years, I know that when I wanted to know a quality leader, a fast way to do that is to look at their "Knots". You may find a quality leader without "Knots", but almost always find one wearing them. When you arrive at Summer Camp, what does the Camp Director see on your Unit Leaders shirts? It influences the way your Unit is viewed- possible "rookie problems" or "squared away" unit in a glance. In my case, how can a Scout Leader of 31 years, NOT have a "Scouters Key" Knot? Where has he been for 25 years or so? My "knot caring" shows some of my past attitude? Seems so, doesn't it.

The BSA recently changed the "Knot" program for Adult Leaders. Want to know how these changes and how to obtain "Knot" recognition for your Unit Leaders?

Then attend the March Roundtable where this subject will be part of the topic of retaining trained leaders.

Bob Zetelski

UREC Training-Did You Know?

February 13, 2014 Roundtable

What on earth is a UREC!! Unit Religious Emblem Coordinator is the Pack, Troop or Crew Committee position in every unit in the BSA whose responsibility is ensuring the progression of their Scouts through their BSA Religious Emblem Awards. Each Religion has their own Emblem with its own unique requirements that are worn on the Youth and Adult uniforms. Did you know that the ONLY 2 items that a Cub can move to his Scout uniform are his Arrow of Light and Religious Emblem knots? That the ONLY items a Scout can transfer onto his Adult uniform are his Arrow of Light, Eagle Scout and Religious Emblem knots? This is so as the Scouting movement considers them to be equal in importance.

We all know that the 1st Duty of the Scout Oath is Duty to God. The last Point of the Scout Law is a Scout is Reverent. This signifies that a belief in God is the beginning and end of the Scouting movement. Did you also know that 97% of those who earn their Scout Religious Emblem also earn their Eagle Scout Rank? Did you know that each religious faith group has its own Adult Religious Emblem and requirements with its knot for Adult Scouters as well?

Why bring all of this up? National BSA, Sam Houston Area Council, George Strake District all have trained Religious Emblem Coordinators in place. Their job is to ensure that EVERY SCOUT has the opportunity to earn their Religious Emblems. They do this by making the information to obtain the Emblems readily available. The Unit Religious Emblem Coordinator is the "Go To" person within each unit that is trained to distribute this information to their Cubs and Scouts who are under their supervision. 70% of our GSD units are Chartered by Churches. Those Charter Heads have the right and even obligation to insist on it, AS DO YOUR CUBS AND SCOUTS. Committee Chairs, Cub and Scout Leaders, what's your plan if they ask? (Hope they don't does not seem like much of a plan.)

UREC Training will be held at the February 13, 2014 Roundtable for Cub and Scout Leaders who wish to be UREC trained.
EVERY UNIT is asked by BSA to have such a person. Who is yours?
SHAC Anniversary Patch

2014 SHAC 100th Celebration Patch

Get your unit involved in the Sam Houston Area Council activities so they can earn this anniversary patch.


Roundtable is a monthly presentation of unit program ideas, inspiration, and additional training for all leaders. Share ideas, learn something new and fellowship with other Scouter’s & Scouting parents. All Scouting leaders, parents, and supporters are encouraged to attend. This year’s theme is “Year of the Scouter”. Participating is worth your time. Our troop participation program is “Traveling Walking Stick”

When: 2nd Thursday of each month starting at 7:00pm.
Where: North Montgomery County Community Center, 600 Gerald, Willis

Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook

Effective January 1, 2012 the new 2011 Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook is required along with new 2011 Eagle Scout Application:
Please take notice that as of January 1, 2012, you must use the 2011 Eagle Scout Service Project 512-927 and the new 2011 Eagle Scout Application. The workbook is a fillable pdf file available on the national website. The link to this workbook is: Click Text Here

Follow the instructions on the workbook, it is self-explanatory. To help you with this, a new link has been added to our district website. The link is a presentation on the new workbook. It includes suggestions on where to find a project idea.
The link to the new 2011 Eagle Scout Application is

If you are currently working on completing an Eagle Service Project Workbook, you must have the District signature on your Workbook by December 31, 2011, or you have to redo everything using the new 2011 Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook and get signatures again.

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